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Body Shaping, Cellulite and Body Tightening

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a non-surgical, safe and effective procedure to eliminate fat cells in a small target area. In this treatment the fat cells under the skin are frozen and destroyed and gradually broken down and flushed out of the body by the liver.

You may start seeing results as early as three weeks and expect most amazing results around two months after treatment.

Post treatment, fat will be gradually flushed out of the body within four to six months. The eliminated fat will not return but the parts of the body that haven’t been treated can develop fat tissue. So to be assured, practice healthy lifestyle with balance diet and exercise regularly.

In some case redness, swelling, bruising and tingling are seen. These are temporary effect and subside in few days. Severe side effects are most unlikely to happen.

There is no downtime of the treatment, you should be able to immediately resume your routine.