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rectangle for Laser Hair Remova in south delhi


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    rectangle for Laser Hair Remova in south delhi

    Have you ever tried to lose fat & failed?

    Do you wonder why most of the fat loss efforts go in vain?

    Solutions are not customized as per your individual lifestyle, body and health issues.

    flat loss exer

    Most of the fat loss efforts are uni-dimensional, focussing only on a single aspect i.e. nutrition or physical exercise

    difficult solution

    Solutions are too difficult to follow and adhere to, for example: grueling gym routines and a rigorous fad diet.

    rectangle for Laser Hair Remova in south delhi


    It is my belief that healthy fat loss isn’t achieved in a week, only a gradual and steady process will help you lose fat and sustain the fat loss.

    After years of practise and research in fat loss, I am proud to finally introduce a unique multidimensional Fat Loss Program. The program combines the efficacy of latest technology along with the discipline of nutrition to help you lose unwanted fat. Making sure you achieve your most beautiful self whilst you build your inner strength.

    Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra


    rectangle for Laser Hair Remova in south delhi

    At Alive we believe healthy fat loss doesn’t happen overnight!

    Complete Body Assessment


    Non Surgical & Non Invasive Treatments

    Personalised Nutrition Plan

    Superfoods & Supplements

    Fitness/Physical Training Guidance (few complimentary days)


    Cool Sculpting®

    Cool Sculpting® uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that’s difficult to shift, even with diet and exercise.

    It freezes unwanted fat cells by using the process of cryolipolysis.

    Clinical research has produced 52 publications on the subject.

    5 million treatment cycles performed worldwide.

    High patient satisfaction.


    Ballancer is an FDA cleared compression therapy system, made in Israel by one of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers.They were the first to introduce compression therapy to the medical field 40 years ago.

    It accelerates the removal of waste products and excess fluid via the lymphatic system.

    It reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves skin tone, and reduces volume in areas affected by excess fluid retention.

    Its gentle, rhythmic action also promotes deep relaxation, helps alleviate stress and improves sleep quality which in turn aids fat loss.


    BTL’s Lymphastim is based on the pneumatic pressotherapy principle. Special applicator sleeves with multiple overlapping chambers provide gentle massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body.

    The mechanized lymphatic drainage technique helps in detoxification and weight loss by applying intermittent compression on one or more parts of the body.

    It regenerates and detoxifies the body while reducing the volume and reshaping the body.

    5 million treatment cycles performed worldwide.

    Its gentle, rhythmic action also promotes deep relaxation, helps alleviate stress and improves sleep quality which in turn aids fat loss.

    Cavitation & RF

    Cavitation & RF treatment allows your body to break down fat cells using ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency. These cells are then flushed out of the body through its natural removing process.

    Unlike traditional liposuction, Cavitation & RF doesn’t use injections or anesthesia.

    It is very efficient in removing belly, thigh, arm, hip, chin or back fat. It also tightens and tones sagging skin.

    superfoods & supplements

    Apart from helping you lose fat, super foods and supplements are nutritional powerhouses that help build bones, prevent chronic diseases, improve eyesight, corrects nutritional deficiencies, boosts the metabolism and even keeps your mind sharp. Appropriate dosage of superfoods and supplements is advised to the patients with their personalised diet plan.


    Nourishing food doesn’t imply starving oneself and resorting to unappetising meals. Our nutrition experts provide you with personalised plans full of wholesome yet appealing meals. Our plans also empower you with healthy lifestyle changes that support your body through the fat loss treatment. Ensuring you reduce body fat, feel more energetic and eliminate risk of illness.

    physical training

    Based on your physical assessment our associate fitness centers and personal trainers, recommend a physical routine and workout plan, that complements both your lifestyle and your personalised Fat Loss Program.


    Emsculpt is the ONE and ONLY FDA approved non-invasive procedure to BUILD MUSCLE & BURN FAT. A single EMSCULPT session causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions which are extremely important in improving the tone and strength of your muscles.

    EMSCULPT is completely safe therapy because:

    •NON-IONIZING – Does not carry enough energy to ionize molecules or affect/change a cell’s structure.
    •NON-RADIATING – Emits NO radiation.
    •NON-THERMAL – Creates no thermal energy through electron moving to a higher state.
    •DOES NOT AFFECT SENSORY NERVES – Designed to ONLY stimulate motor neurons.



    A beginners program, provides nutritional support and does not include any technological intervention. Recommended for people who want to experience the benefits of superfoods and other food alterations in their day to day life.


    An entry level program for people who are looking forward to slightly tone their body and lose some fat and are also comfortable with the use of technology.

    FAT LOSS PROGRAM (2 Large CS Cycles)

    Advanced level with large cycles is meant for visible body transformation. It helps sculpt the body and deal with stubborn pockets of fat in large surface areas like abdomen, stomach, back etc.

    FAT LOSS PROGRAM (4 Small CS Cycles)

    Advanced level with small cycles is meant for visible body transformation. It helps sculpt the body and deal with stubborn pockets of fat in smaller surface areas like chin, arms, belly, flanks, thighs etc.


    The Maintenance plan has been designed for the ones who have completed at least one of the fat loss programs and want to maintain the results for long time.

    rectangle for Laser Hair Remova in south delhi


    Currently the options available in the market are either uni-dimensional or bi-dimensional which means, they offer either nutrition or a combination of nutrition and exercise, or just the use of technology. The Fat Loss Program at Alive Wellness Clinics is a well designed scientific and systematic program with a 360 degree holistic approach that addresses your fat issues in a healthy way i.e without disturbing the vitals.

    Most of us have tried many ways to lose fat and most of the fat loss efforts go in vain, because such fat loss solutions are not customized as per your lifestyle and body needs. They do not not take into account individual lifestyle or existing medical issues, and are sometimes too difficult to comply, eg. daily gym routines and fad diets.

    • Our fat loss approach comes as a 360-degree program which is holistic.
    • It uses US FDA approved technology, mindful nutrition, and exercise.
    • The technologies when used in combination with nutrition and exercise at a periodic interval results in breaking down the fat and makes you lose fat in a scientific way.

    Weight loss is an aggregation of loss of water, muscle and fat. Fat loss only reduces the fat from the body and preserves as much muscle as possible.

    Let us look at a simple formula

    • Weight loss: The body weight is defined as the sum of the weight of muscles, bones, organs and the amount of water the body retains. Weight loss is the sum loss of the total weight.
    • Weight loss = Muscle loss + Fat loss + Water loss
    • Fat loss: As the term suggests, it’s the loss of the fat that the body carries.
    • Fat loss = Reduction of unwanted body fat

    Till the time you maintain a healthy lifestyle there are less chances of you gaining back the lost fat. Once you finish the program, always follow up with the Maintenance Program which will act as a bridge between your Fat Loss Program routine and your regular lifestyle.

    Each Fat Loss Program Plan has been designed in a way that most treatments require weekly visits, but again it depends on an individual’s requirement and treatment plan.

    The results are usually visible after 4-6 weeks of starting the program, but can vary from person to person depending upon various factors related to physiology, genetics, food habits, compliance and lifestyle.

    We provide you with a nutrition guideline to help you choose what to eat and what foods to avoid while you travel or eat out. This program fits your existing lifestyle in a way that you won’t have to give up on socializing.

    Once the program is finished our consultant or nutritionist will provide you maintenance tips and plans so that you are able to sustain the results.

    Yes , Alive Wellness Clinics have partnered with Bajaj Finance to give you the best financial assistance with attractive EMI and 0 down payment options. We also have credit card payment facility for you. Our Patient Care Coordinator will be happy to assist you if you require any information on our payment options.

    rectangle for Laser Hair Remova in south delhi

    To renew yourself & reclaim your body