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The procedure treats hair fall, baldness, and scalp infections. It involves the use of laser energy that stimulates hair follicles, By bathing your scalp with a gently nourishing laser light, we infuse energy into the follicles to stimulate growth factors, lengthen the growth phase, and aid in restoring a healthy hair cycle. Laser Light Therapy also helps in increasing blood flow to the scalp and eliminates harmful waste products such as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).


We recommend this therapy for hair growth and repair. Ozone liberates oxygen to any part of the body. In this form, it counteracts the existing offenders in the body including the ones in the hair roots. With the neutralising action of ozone, the hair roots start rejuvenating. As the roots become strong and healthy, hair loss is impeded and growth starts again. Alive Wellness Clinics Ozone Therapy also helps in reducing dandruff, fungal infections, and other diseases of scalp.


For hair growth stimulation, Alive Wellness Clinics has LED Light Therapy. This therapy stimulates follicles to grow faster amd results in a stronger hair shaft. The LED light also enhances scalp circulation thereby nourishing the hair roots. In this , scalp is treated with special growth repair serums and then exposed to the LED light for therapy.


Alive Wellness Clinics provides Stem Cell Therapy in the treatment of severe hair fall and baldness. A special stem cell serum is applied to the scalp through a specialised technique. This therapy activates our inherent stem cells which results in a fuller and healthier scalp.


Peptides are bio-metric synthesis hair growth formulations, derived from Stem Cell Technology. Alive Wellness has effective peptides-based products – these are developed around the naturally occurring proteins found in the body, especially those that have an important impact on hair growth. Containing more than 30 skin conditioning ingredients including vitamins and plant extract biometric peptide compexes interact like biocatalysts and cause hair follicle stimulation to promote healthy hair growth. They penetrate deep into the follicile to stimulate the blood supply and provide nutrients that revitalise th follicles to create optimum conditions for the growth of new strong hair.


It is a technique to deliver actives into the scalp to control hair fall and stimulate hair growth. A variety of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and supplements are administered into the scalp as per the indication.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy)

Blood is made of RBC(Red Blood Cell), plasma, and platelets. Platelets release a healing protein called growth factor. In the procedure, we tak a blood sample of the patient and process thsi in a special platelet-rich plasma(PRP) kit that is USFDA approved to extract the PRP.

PRP is virtually a protein cocktail of any growth factors that collectively stimulates repair and regeneration. This cocktail is delivered with one of the various mesotheraply techniques, in the desired area. It stimulates the growth of new hair and strengthens the hair roots. It is a very promising treatment for baldness.