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hair transplant cost in delhi

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

Are you looking for a hair transplant In Delhi? Great!!! The Alive Wellness Clinic is here to help with this at competitive hair transplant costs in Delhi.

These days hair fall is one of the common issues in Delhi. However, various options are available for hair fall issues. The most incredible way to say goodbye to hair loss nowadays is to get a hair transplant treatment at Alive Wellness Clinic, Delhi, which is also universally acknowledged for enhancing hairline.

The autologous hair transplant, known as hair transplant, does not result in rejection. The superficial epidermis and dermis are only minimally cut during the hair transplant procedure. The hair follicle is located 3-5 mm beneath the skin. The layers that do not touch the critical brain tissue of the human body are involved throughout the entire process. We only make contact with the capillaries and nerve terminals. as they recover physically on their own.

Why Alive Wellness Clinic?

Alive Wellness Clinic in Delhi is one of the prestigious clinics offering hair transplant surgery of the finest quality possible. Delhi, the capital of India, is a significant metropolitan city. The city provides people with a comfortable living place and guarantees their safety. Excellent medical facilities are available, and as Delhi is the capital, it also has exclusive services for hair transplant treatments.

People may believe that hair transplantation in Delhi is an expensive procedure. However, Alive Wellness Hair Transplant Clinic is committed to providing a competitive service. Our clinic is easily accessible to patients because it is situated in excellent areas, including Gurgaon, Greater Kailash, Punjabi Bagh, Pusa Road, and many more prime locations. The locations provide patients comfort in terms of intended connectivity via bus and Metro services.

At the Alive Wellness Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, we’re always looking for innovative ways to provide our patients with cutting-edge healthcare services. Some of the top surgeons with sufficient experience in hair transplantation work at our clinic. Above all, these highly competent surgeons are qualified to give you the most excellent results.

We also have introduced EMI choices to enhance our services. This will allow our patients to use the services through convenient installments. We have maintained unique offers and schemes for patients who may come in and make reservations in advance. We constantly work to provide our patients with the highest quality standards. Through our dedication to using the most up-to-date methods, we can offer our customers ease and comfort through our hair transplant treatments in Delhi.

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

Are you searching for the best hair transplant surgery in Delhi that is reasonably priced? Your search ends here without a doubt. At Alive Wellness Clinic, you will be fully informed about Hair Transplantation in Delhi, including the cost of care, the clinic’s location, the doctors handling your case, etc.

India’s metropolis, Delhi, is home to numerous facilities and professional hair transplant doctors. You only need to locate the best clinic, and Alive Wellness Clinic is the best option for you. We use advanced FUE technology, one of the most highly recommended hair transplant procedures, to give you results that will change your life.

Delhi is home to numerous facilities providing hair transplant treatments at different prices. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is comparatively more affordable than robotic FUE and more complex FUE.

Factors affecting Hair Transplantation Cost

The cost of hair transplantation in Delhi can vary depending on various factors. The following are the main factors that can directly affect Hair transplantation Costs:

Hair Grafts required

The quantity of hair to be transplanted depends on the number of hair grafts used. Thus, knowing this amount is crucial. A quick calculation demonstrates that costs increase with the number of implanted grafts.

Surgical procedures

A variety of surgical techniques must be developed as a result of technological breakthroughs. As a result, it is typical for prices to differ according to the surgical methods used. For instance, the price of PRP will differ from that of FUE or FUT.

  • Location of the Clinic: Location is a significant factor in determining the price. In general, the costs at clinics in major cities are consistent. Some multinational clinics may charge you enormously high fees based on their level of services.
  • The Surgeon’s reputation: A successful hair transplantation depends significantly on the Surgeon’sSurgeon’s reputation. As a result, the cost of the treatment varies from SurgeonSurgeon to SurgeonSurgeon.
  • Patient’s health: Patients receiving hair transplants occasionally struggle with complex thyroid illnesses. Based on such specific medical issues, costs can increase.

The Alive wellness Hair Transplant Clinic’s medical professionals were pioneers of Advanced FUT. Micromotor technology, which facilitates speedier follicle extractions, is encouraged by our experts. Additionally, a patient’s follicles can be removed from areas other than the head. We are the proud founders of a hair transplant clinic with a success rate of 100%.


Alive Wellness Clinic offers hair transplants at the lowest possible cost in Delhi. We deliver the best outcomes for the most affordable costs. We also have a high success rate with the least possible harm to the donor location. We employ real-time feather touch implantation technology, enabling us to deliver outcomes for hair transplants that are more natural-looking than those produced by conventional methods. Additionally, our qualified surgeons promise you the most remarkable results in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Our team at Alive Wellness has developed a simple hair transplant cost calculator that helps us determine the cost of hair transplantation based on the grade of hair loss selected and the required number of hair grafts.

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