Laser Hair Reduction Treatment in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh

Laser hair reduction works on nearly any part of the body for men and women both. At Alive Wellness Clinics we have divided the treatable body areas into small, medium and large parts for better understanding.

Many people believe that laser hair removal treatment is permanent. However, that’s a myth and hence it is now called ‘laser hair reduction’.

After six to eight sessions of treatment, we recieve the results of about 65 to 90 percent reduction to hair, and then just a few maintenance sessions are required

A lot of people must be thinking that if laser hair removal is not permanent then why do you need it? That’s because, when you use other methods of hair removal like waxing,

threading, or bleaching, then the hair arows back more quickly and with similar thickness. However, when we perform laser hair reduction, there is a significant delay in the growth of hair.