Holi – the festival of exuberance, energy, and vibrant colors. Enthusiasm runs high, gujias andthandai flow freely, and friends and family wage friendly wars on each other,  armed with water balloons and pichkaaris. Everything is a laugh riot and everyone is welcome to join the fun and frolic. What’s not to love, right?

Well, your skin would beg to differ with you

Being smeared with rich colors and getting splashed with synthetic chemicals sounds like a whole lot of fun, but getting rid of that pakka rang? Not so much. And you end up going to work with pink teeth, green neck, and grey ears. But looking like a walking talking modern art in office is the least of your worries. The assault on your hair and skin, all in the name of fun, is a more serious concern. Once the sun sets and the games are over, you’re left to deal with rough, dry, and irritated skin, breakouts, allergies, rashes, and hair fall – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, before you decide to bring the house down with the ‘Best Holi bash this town has ever seen’, here’s a list of a few alternatives that you can opt for instead of those traditional chemical laden colors. Don’t put your timeless beauty in danger, ladies! Try these skin and hair friendly alternatives to synthetic colors this year.

Read on and thank us later!


Fuller’s Earth

Say hello to your teenage beauty companion – Fuller’s Earth, also known as Multani Mitti. This healing clay has been known for its skin lightening and brightening properties and is quite effective in treating angry red pimples. The best part? This magical ingredient from nature’s backyard is perfect for all skin types, even for those with sensitive skin.

All you gotta do is mix some water with Multani mitti and make a thick paste. You are all set to smear your relatives with a beauty pack, and they won’t even mind it. Can you hear your skin saying thank you? We sure can!



Sandalwood, also termed as ‘liquid gold’ by ardent admirers, has been an absolute favorite with beauty enthusiasts for ages.  This magical tree is known to have healing properties and has been used in beauty products for radiant, glowing skin. Dullness, dark spots, pigmentation, acne scarring and even a suntan don’t stand a chance against this superhero.

Make a mix of sandalwood powder, coconut oil, almond oil and rose water and get on with your Holi wishes. Skin friendly and oh-so-fragrant. Your guests are going to steal this idea off you next year. Wait and watch!



Haldi, aka the golden root, is one of the most effective beauty elixirs in Indian history. This beauty boosting spice can turn back the clock. And, along with its anti-aging properties, turmeric’s much-touted anti-inflammatory properties heal skin conditions while the antioxidants in it promote healthy and naturally glowing skin. You hear that ladies? Time to bring that haldi out of your kitchen and into your party grounds.

Mix some turmeric with gram flour and water to make a thick paste for a bright yellow, skin friendly color. Even the most reluctant Holi player won’t mind getting down and dirty with this ingredient, because who can say no to a little bit of skin pampering while you’re playing Holi?


Rose Water

Rosewater is the elixir for radiant skin. It acts as a natural astringent that balances skin’s pH levels, tightens open pores, and works as a perfect toner for the skin. Packed with antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, this fragrant lotion is perfect for a refreshing spritz on a sunny afternoon that will keep your guests asking for more. Just add a healthy dash of gulab jal while filling your pichkaaris and balloons and watch your guests dance in delight as the fragrance of roses fills the air around them.



Imagine wishing your loved ones with fragrant flowers instead of colors laced with harmful chemicals and what not. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? The scent of roses filling the air, the venue brightened up with the colors of marigold, and the tables decked with glorious lavenders – now isn’t that a truly festive sight? And thought the colors of Holi will fade in a couple of days, these gorgeous blooms will gladden your heart for much, much longer.



Before you ask us, no, we are not insinuating that you pelt your guests with fresh fruits instead of water balloons! Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara may have made Spain’s La Tomatina look very appealing, but we have a certain policy against wastage. So don’t go about throwing fruit at anyone – just cut them up into bite sized pieces and serve them to your guests as a healthy snack. Good for the body, and your skin, too!

As you look forward to celebrating the festival of colors, spare a thought for your skin and hair. Ditch those harmful, chemical-laden colors for eco-friendly, natural alternatives. Because nothing is worth harming the precious skin on your beautiful face. Instead, enjoy the festivities, soak up the sun, gulp down some thandai, and gorge on those delicious gujias without worrying about the aftereffects of skin-harming colors.

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