Stem Cell Therapy

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell hair restoration is an advanced hair transplant technique that utilizes your body’s own stem cells to stimulate the growth of natural hair. Unlike other hair restoration methods that involve relocating hair follicles, stem cell hair therapy restores the growth of your existing hair follicles to achieve long-lasting outcomes.

Stem cells, responsible for repairing and healing tissues, are present in the layer of fat beneath the skin called adipose tissue. Using cutting-edge technology, mesenchymal stem cells can be extracted from this layer and used for their regenerative properties. Stem cell hair restoration employs a combination of stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatment to regrow hair.

During the procedure, a small amount of excess fat is extracted from your body and processed to obtain a concentration of adipose-derived stem cells. This concentration is then combined with platelet-rich plasma obtained from your blood and injected into the scalp to repair and stimulate hair growth. Existing stem cells on the scalp are also activated to restore thinning hair.

What areas are recommended for Stem Cell Therapy?

  • Scalp

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

  • Regenerate hair follicles
  • Adds density to scalp
  • Solves male & female
  • pattern baldness
  • Natural looking fullness to your hair

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