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A New Way Of Life By and At Alive Wellness Clinics

We are committed to wellness as a whole and offer solutions for one’s body, hair and skin.

Skin Alive provides non invasive solutions for all skin problems like acne, pigmentation, antiageing, laser hair removal and more.

Our body clinic works with patients to rid them of their fat loss problems, body contouring with our specialized programs.

Hair Alive, provides solutions for all hair related problems like balding, thinning, hair fall etc. We work on getting rid of the problems from the root.

Nutri Alive, understands the need for a healthy lifestyle and thus provides our patients with solutions to their nutrition needs.

“Our story stems from the idea of inspiring people to feel alive, to relight a fire within them. Alive Wellness Clinics aims to positively transform lives, to help people feel alive, through our treatments backed by experts and cutting edge technology.

Alive Wellness Clinics is not just an expert medical solution provider to people’s problems, but also a way of life. We aim at becoming a companion of our patients by taking care of them in all aspects the day they walk into our clinics.”

In the 25 years of her prolific practice, she has spearheaded innovative change in prevailing invasive and non invasive wellness and aesthetic remedies by introducing cutting edge technologies time. As the most sought after dermatologist she has had the privilege of serving the most premium clients, helping them with their problems related to skin, body, hair, nutrition and more.



It is our belief that healthy fat loss isn’t achieved in a week, only a gradual and steady process will help you lose fat and sustain the fat loss.

After years of practise and research in fat loss, we are proud to finally introduce a unique multidimensional Fat Loss Program. The program combines the efficacy of the latest technology along with the discipline of nutrition to help you lose unwanted fat. Making sure you achieve your most beautiful self whilst you build your inner strength.

At Alive we prioritise your wellness before everything.

Basis your skin sensitivity and adaptability, your treatment parameters will be decided and our trained patient care therapists will perform the treatment under the supervision of a Doctor.We ensure consistent and excellent results every time.

Choose Alive for the most advanced and comfortable laser hair reduction experience.

At Alive, we understand skin and can identify the root cause of acne for you.

Our team of certified dermatologists use the latest, cutting edge technology to deliver flawless skin solutions. After a detailed consultation with a skin specialist, we draw up a customised treatment plan for your skin type and condition.


Day with Dr. Chhabra

October 24, Punjabi Bagh
October 31, DLF Phase II

Oct 18 – Oct 19

Cool Event

All Alive Wellness Clinics Locations

Nov 7 – Nov 14

Hair Wellness Week – November

All Alive Wellness Clinics Locations


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