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Body Alive is the ultimate stop to fix the slump in your productivity. Unwanted fat keeps you zapped from your desired body and figure. We have a two-modality solution that works hand-in-hand. You get a healthy diet plan and body shape together under the same umbrella. The synergistic effects of the body treatments and nutrition help one attain an effective and desired outcome. As per an individual’s need, a multidimensional approach to weight loss surgery is adopted. The solutions are customized according to the requirements and constitution of a specific body. The principal aim is targeting nutrition with the latest technology to combat stubborn fat and subsequently build core strength. Various scientific procedures that Body Alive offers are:


It is also commonly referred to as cryolipolysis. It is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure approved by the FDA. The procedure aims at body sculpting by means of removing unwanted fat from the target areas. The technique involves freezing the stubborn fat, thereby damaging it without harming the peripheral cells and tissues. This body treatment helps in attaining technically permanent results which would otherwise be difficult to attain through diet charts and exercises.
RESULTS VISIBLE IN: 3 weeks to 2 months time period
TARGET AREAS: Thighs, arms, love handles, abdomen, banana rolls, chin fat, double chin and armpit fat


Emsculpt allows toning of muscles with a natural lift of fat. It is a device based on high-intensity focussed electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to aid in weight loss treatment. It is of medical grade and designed to induce thousands of strong supramaximal contractions. The contractions generate ripples at 90% capacity that delivers the same result that 20,000 sit-ups or abdominal crunches or squats would do. The procedure burns the visceral fat resulting in increased toning of muscles. Basically, enhanced muscle strength and improved body contour can be achieved naturally in no time.
RESULTS VISIBLE IN: 1 or 2 sessions of 20–30 minutes each
TARGET AREAS: Calf muscles and biceps


Exilis is a non-invasive body Shaping treatment procedure approved by the FDA. This technique involves a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound energy. This process helps in the breakdown of fat cells and the remodelling of collagen. It is a painless procedure that aims at skin tightening and fat reduction in the face and body.
RESULTS VISIBLE IN: After multiple sessions
TARGET AREAS: It is a pain-free and comfortable procedure. It can be done on all parts of the body, like arms, thighs, hips, abdomen, back and chin. It also improves stretch marks, cellulite and skin laxity.


Ballancer is an FDA-approved compression therapy system. One of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers in Israel devised it originally almost 40 years ago. It is a process that accelerates the removal of waste products and excess fluid via the lymphatic system. With the reduction in the appearance of cellulite, the technique improves your skin tone. Areas affected by excess fluid retention are worked to decrease their volume. The beauty of a balancer lies in its pulsating and calming action. Not only does it lift the unwanted fat, but it also ensures the process is moderate enough to help alleviate stress and pain. The weight-loss treatment induces deep relaxation, it results in sound sleep which further aids in fat reduction.


Lymphastim by BTL is based on the principle of pneumatic pressotherapy. Multiple overlapping chambers with applicator sleeves programme to give you a gentle massage. This boosts the natural circulation of the lymph throughout the body. Basically, it is a mechanised lymphatic drainage technique that helps in detoxification and weight loss. By means of intermittent compression on one or more body parts, the volume of the body is reduced. It rejuvenates and reshapes the body to your desired figure. To date, 5 million treatment cycles have been performed worldwide. An added advantage is its gentle, rhythmic mode of action. This induces calmness and relaxation, which in turn helps alleviate stress. Improved sleep quality and a peaceful mind further help in fat loss.


An online platform promotes weight loss in obese and overweight adults. We encourage our clients to adopt healthy lifestyle habits for the success of weight loss programmes. Treatments like Ultrasound Cavitation & Radio Frequency (RF) allow the body to break down fat cells. These cells are then excreted out of the body through a natural eradication process. Thus, it results in tightening and toning sagging skin. Unlike traditional liposuction, these processes do not involve the administration of anaesthesia.
TARGET AREAS: Belly, thigh, arm, hip, chin or back fat.


Body composition analysis (BCA) is a method to calculate the proportion of various components that your body is made of. The analyser is a type of weighing scale that works on the basis of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). It is preferably done in the morning on an empty stomach. The chart generated differentiates the percentage composition of fats, proteins, minerals, and water. By regular tracking, we assess your body fat composition and work on your fitness regime. A healthy body constitutes 21–25% of acceptable body fat. Excessive amounts of visceral fat demonstrate a negative impact on your health. A balanced diet with optimal levels of proteins, water and minerals are equally important to synergise the energy level with our bodily requirements.


Gone are the times when nourishment meant starvation. With expert nutritionists and dietician advice, meal plans are customised catering to your body requirements. The inclusion of healthier options in your diet eliminates the risks of illness and lethargy. The wholesome appealing diet plan helps you gain satiety over hunger and achieve your desired health-related goal. While your body undergoes fat loss treatment, the nutrition plans change your lifestyle to make it the most alluring and sustainable.


Eventually, it is your discrete choice whether to carry the extra baggage or to pull out of that protruding belly. With the advancements in technology and availability of the best weight loss treatments, the horizon to look perfect has widened 360 degrees. As much as you are allured to live a life free of tummy-tucks, so are we well-equipped with sound knowledge and infrastructure to provide you with the best.
At Alive Wellness, you’ll find the best solution to shed off all extra kilos. It is trusted for the best weight loss treatment in Delhi. The facility imparts hassle-free delivery of services that gives wonderful end results. Is recognized as one of the most elite clinics in the field of body treatments. We offer customised plans for nutrition and the best weight loss surgery in Delhi that goes in resonance with your body environment.


Alive Wellness is committed to providing its clients great satisfaction and feeling good in their own skin. We help attain a toned up body with non-invasive body treatments and nutrition focussed diet plans. With experience and excellent technical support, we are ranked #1 for weight loss surgery in Delhi. To reflect the best version of yourself, one has to look and feel best. We work on you, so you carry the personality that you deserve. Relive with new passion and zeal as your rekindled strength lets you put your best foot forward.

Body Shaping, Cellulite and Body Tightening

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, fat can be removed without surgery by means of following nutritional fad diets along with routine exercise.

Cool sculpting is by far the best body sculpting procedure which is non-invasive and highly recommended.

While cool sculpting is less invasive with minimal risk, it removes less fat compared to liposuction which removes a considerable amount of fat being invasive in nature.

Yes, cool sculpting is one of the body treatments that yield permanent results.