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From billboards to fashion magazines to your favorite actress’s Instagram page, just like the rest of the world, you’re also bombarded by glowing smooth skin that looks irresistibly charming and beautiful. Watching their alabaster skin, flawless, perfect to the pores, firm, and attractive, makes one inevitably start the comparison between their skin and the ones they see littered across the glossy pages. And much to our despair, in contrast, our skin pales to insignificance. Finding the reasons behind why our skin is losing its glossy and dewy look is not difficult.

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Combine the rising pollution levels, constant exposure to harsh sunlight, and lifestyle issues like stress, hard water, and unhealthy eating habits – and you have a surefire recipe for skin disaster. Your skin, especially the relatively more delicate one in the facial areas, bears the brunt of these modern-day hazards.

Despite diligently using skincare and skin protection products, you find to your dismay that the skin on your face is losing its vitality and acquiring a tired, listless look. Fine lines are stealing away the charm of your face and gone is the skin you were so proud of. Routine skincare remedies such as lotions and creams are no longer as effective in helping your skin face the damage.

One of the major causes behind this predicament is loss of hydration! So how do these movie stars and fashion celebs keep their skin looking so glowing and fresh? The answer lies in skin boosters.

Skin Boosters is a cosmetic treatment that involves injecting hyaluronic acid-based fillers into the skin to improve its hydration, texture, and overall appearance. They are essentially skin-quality products that are designed to supply instant hydration to the water-starved skin cells on the face and surrounding areas. By directly injecting them under the skin’s surface, one can easily compensate for the lost moisture of the skin and help it regain its attractive and youthful vigor.

One of the reasons behind skin dehydration is the depletion of hyaluronic acid reserves due to aging. Skin boosters address this problem by introducing hydration directly beneath the skin’s surface, leaving it radiant and supple.

Types of Skin Boosters

  1. Non-cross lined Hyaluronic Acid Skin Boosters

This class of skin booster injections is injected directly beneath the skin giving it a nice glow and a dewy look. This treatment usually lasts for 3-4 months making it an ideal option for those who are just starting on their skin booster journey and wish to get the feel of the process. To achieve results that last around a couple of months, patients typically require 3-4 sessions, spread over four weeks. These products suit patients experiencing high levels of sensitivity due to chronically dry skin. Longer-lasting HA injections like Juvederm Volite are ideal if your skin only requires hydration.

  1. Polynucleotide Skin Boosters

These are a more advanced version of HA Skin booster injections that need a lesser number of sessions to achieve results that last longer. Rejuran is an example of a polynucleotide skin booster that is made of fragments of DNA harvested from natural sources such as salmon sperm. These boosters are manually injected into the selected areas of the face and help in improving skin texture, decreasing pore size, and restoring hydration of the skin.

However, there is a downtime involved with these boosters as the injections can leave your skin with swelling, redness, and the formation of small bumps for a couple of days. These skin boosters need 2-3 sessions spread over two to four weeks. People grappling with skin texture problems such as open enlarged pores, oily skin, or chronically tired or aged skin are excellent candidates for this treatment.

  1. Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid Skin Boosters

These are the latest category of skin quality injections that not only replenish the hydration reserves of the skin but also promote collagen production and have a tightening effect on the treated skin. These skin boosters are injected over 2-3 sessions after a four-week gap each. This skin booster needs to be injected at five specific points on both sides of the face. Their effect lasts for 6-9 months.

Patients who have aged skin and are looking to improve the firmness, tightness, and hydration of the skin are excellent candidates for these boosters. Profhilo is a great example of this category as it’s considered an all-rounder that works in all areas of skin rejuvenation – hydration, skin firming, and collagen production.

What Skin Booster would be best for your skin?

After flicking through the pages of glossy magazines, scrolling through dozens of ads on the internet, or watching television, you’re bound to come across hundreds of advertisements talking about the benefits of various products that promise to transform your skin instantly. Boggled by the sheer amount of information dumped on you, with every product claiming to be the next revolutionary formula that can take your skin from drab to fab in an instant is sure to leave you overwhelmed and confused.

Skin Booster treatment | skin booster clinic | skin booster clinic in delhi

This is precisely the reason why one needs to have a trusted doctor to steer them through the clutter. A well-trained skin expert is the best bet for finding a formulation and treatment that would best suit your skin needs. At Alive Wellness Clinics, our team of experienced professionals is adept at creating custom treatment plans for our clients based on their individual skin needs. Book a consultation today and simplify your quest for radiant, beautiful skin.

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