Kim Kardashian Loves Morpheus8

There’s an unwritten rule in the world of aesthetics: If Kim Kardashian is doing it, people will be interested! Such is the case with InMode Morpheus8, a minimally invasive treatment Kardashian raved about recently on her Instagram stories.

“This is a game changer! I did Morpheus laser to tighten my stomach,” Kardashian captioned a photo of her bare abs. She added, “I think this is my fave laser but it’s painful lol but worth it!” If you were intrigued by the star’s new ‘fave treatment’, you weren’t alone. Searches spiked for the treatment after the post as people took to the internet to know more about this star-approved procedure.

Named after the Greek God Morpheus who could shape and mold humanity’s dreams, Morphues8 has a revolutionary ability to contour and reshape the skin. So, let us dive in and uncover the nitty-gritty behind Kim’s not-so-secret beauty secret – Morpheus8!

What is the Morpheus8 Treatment?

Our Beverly Hills queen Kim Kardashian referred to Morpheus8 as a skin laser treatment. However, it is a procedure that combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy to rejuvenate the skin by reducing pigmentation, wrinkles, stretch marks, and active acne.

It is a non-invasive procedure that uses microneedles to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. These needles create micro lesions that heal more rapidly and deliver better results than other skin rejuvenation treatments.

Other treatment options affect only the top layer of the dermis. But the combination of the RF energy and microneedling of Morpheus8 goes deep within your skin and targets tissues from 4 millimeters (with a 5mm heating profile) to 7 millimeters (with an 8mm profile) below the skin’s surface.

Unlike other treatment modalities, Morpheus8 gets closer to the adipose tissue to achieve long-lasting and impactful results. The heat from the RF waves creates a ‘shrink wrap’ effect in the skin to reorganize the tissue’s building blocks.

The microneedles use radiofrequency energy to provide subdermal adipose remodeling and create a contoured, more youthful look by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Morpheus8’s detailed approach to skin rejuvenation creates a sleeker, tighter appearance which is what people love about it.

Although Kim Kardashian uses the treatment to tighten her abs, the benefits of Morpheus8 don’t end here. This revolutionary treatment can even help with textural issues, minimizing pore size, tightening and lifting skin, and even smoothing the tone and color in some patients. It can also be used for skin concerns like acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks.

What are the benefits of Morpheus8 treatment?

The Morpheus8 skin treatment does everything that one could want out of a non-surgical dermal renewing procedure – from reducing wrinkles and stretch marks to stimulating fresh collagen and elastin production, creating that highly sought-after ‘youthful glow’.

These are a few of the many aesthetic benefits of Morpheus8:

  • There’s no age limit to get this procedure
  • It rebuilds collagen to plump and contour the skin
  • It evens out skin complexion
  • It can soften and reduce acne scarring
  • It reduces stretch marks and skin laxity
  • It can improve the appearance of burn scars, surgical scars, etc.
  • It can increase tissue firmness
  • It can smoothen the texture of the skin
  • It can shrink enlarged pores.

It is one of the most versatile and effective skin procedures available, making it clear as to why it’s Kim K’s favorite.

Morpheus8 can be used on the entire body!

It is commonly known to treat the face to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds and wrinkles and the neck to reduce the ‘turkey gobble’. However, its efficacy doesn’t stop there. One can use Morepheus8 on any body area needing collagen remodeling and skin tightening.

Here’s the key: it’s designed with dual handpieces and four fractional tips with different pin configurations that give it increased functionality for different body parts. One can use it for smaller treatment areas – think jawline, nasolabial folds, around the eyes, décolletage, and arms, and also for larger body areas like the abdomen, glutes, knees, lower back, and thighs. Your doctor will determine which one is right for you, depending on what area you wish to address.

Morepheus8 offers a head-to-toe transformation using fractionated RF energy to reach the deeper layers of the skin. For optimal results, one should pair this treatment with a healthy diet and exercise.

What should you expect after your Morpheus8 treatment?

The intense rejuvenation of Morpheus8 is quite different from other topical treatments. The RF energy in this treatment is delivered deep into the subdermal layers of the skin through tiny needles, so it’s pretty normal for you to experience some mild redness for one to three days post-treatment.

You will certainly benefit from the deep microneedling as there is less damage to the skin surface which results in minimal downtime and faster healing. We recommend one to have 1-3 sessions about 4-6 weeks apart to achieve your desired aesthetic results.

One can expect to see results fairly quickly after getting Morpheus8. This specific treatment is especially popular as most patients see a visible difference in their appearance just from one treatment, whereas other procedures might take a series of 3-6 treatments to see any visible improvement. The visible results of Morpheus8 can be seen within a few days, but typically after three weeks, the most noticeable results appear. These improvements continue up to 3 months after the treatment. However, these effects are permanent, and annual visits are recommended to maintain results.

What is the recovery time of Morpheus8?

Recovery is quite straightforward and seamless with Morpheus8. Since it is a non-surgical treatment, patient downtime is minimal. One can experience some skin redness in the treated area, but it subsides in 1-3 days by itself.

However, there are certain safeguards one should adhere to post-treatment for optimal results. One shouldn’t rub or apply anything to the treated area for at least 12 hours after the treatment. One should also avoid direct sun exposure during the first few days. It is advised to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to the treated skin while going out. After one or two days, one can begin to apply makeup and other skin products to the area. Within a week, the appearance of any micro wounds would have disappeared and the skin would be fully healed!

Is Morpheus8 painful?

Kim Kardashian may have called the treatment ‘painful’, but compared to other treatments, Morpheus8 has relatively few side effects when done correctly. The pain and discomfort levels caused by the procedure are tolerable and vary from patient to patient. With the application of topical numbing creams, it is usually tolerable at moderate energies but may be slightly uncomfortable depending on your tolerance. With numbing injections, Morpheus8 is very well tolerated even at the highest energies. Following the treatment, you may see some redness and/or swelling, as well as tiny dots or scabs where needles enter the skin. However, these symptoms heal quickly if you’re well-hydrated and rested.

Here at Alive Wellness Clinics, our team of expert dermatologists and well-trained professionals deliver the highest quality of care to ensure that your Morpheus8 journey is as comfortable and seamless as possible. As Kim herself said, any pain that she felt was worth the results! So why wait any longer? Start your Morpheus8 journey at Alive Wellness Clinics and get the smooth, supple skin of your dreams!

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