In the early 2000s, when celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez flaunted their curves, women all across the world fell in love with them and started demanding the same perky, voluptuous butt. From pop stars to social media influencers, women with voluptuous bottoms have made their curves a subject of envy for many. This led to a high surge in the demand for Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries.


The Brazilian Butt Lift has become part of the popular consciousness as demand for the procedure has climbed significantly year after year. Because of this popularity, doctors rushed to offer these procedures, sometimes without the proper training or certification. While the procedure seemed like the perfect solution, the dangers of the surgery quickly became apparent. This led to complications like uneven, lumpy results, infections, and even death.

EmSculpt or Traditional Exercise? | best emsculpt treatment in delhi

Brazilian Butt Lift has a high complication rate due to the fat involved. If the fat is injected too deep into the muscle or in the wrong place, it could lead to fat embolism and even death. Today, surgical buttock procedures are still popular with the masses, but many avoid the procedures due to the various health risks involved. Recently, a new technology has grabbed the attention of the crowd and presented itself as a great alternative to get a toned, lifted butt without going under the knife and it’s called EmSculpt.

Glute Enhancement with EmSculpt

EmSculpt uses high-frequency electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to reduce fat and increase muscle mass. The great thing about using EmSculpt in the gluteal region is that one can see a distinct improvement and the treatment itself feels quite comfortable. Not only is this technology FDA-cleared, but it is also approved to burn fat and build muscle mass without any incisions, pain, stitches, or downtime.

By using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, EmSculpt can induce muscle contractions at a much higher intensity than one can achieve through any traditional method of exercising. It’s like doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats in a single 30-minute gym session. When the gluteal region is exposed to these supramaximal contractions, the muscles in the treatment area are forced to adapt and remodel their inner structure.

EmSculpt or Traditional Exercise? | best emsculpt treatment in delhi

EmSculpt’s HIFEM is the first and only technology that has been shown to both build muscle mass and sculpt the body by instigating supramaximal contractions. This results in a tighter, more toned buttock. The most crucial benefit of Emsculpt for glute enhancement is that it provides a clinical result that is more consistent with aesthetic goals. While previous treatments relied on the placement of fat in the gluteal region, EmSculpt works to build and tone muscle. The evidence for Emsculpt shows that when used for glute enhancement, it induces hypertrophy and hyperplasia which seems to create a lift.

How does it work?

Two panels are used to deliver HIFEM energy to the muscles and fat tissue in the buttocks area. During the 30-minute session, the muscles perform approximately 20,000 supramaximal contractions while one can sit and relax. The muscles adapt to the intensity of these contractions and start remodeling themselves. This creates a natural-looking tone and contours without surgery.

Typically, patients require four sessions of EmSculpt, spaced 2-3 days apart to get their desired results. However, your practitioner would be the best person to tell you how many sessions you’ll require based on your body type, target area, and your goals.

Who is the best candidate?

EmSculpt treatment can appeal to a wide range of people and many people are good candidates for it. However, people who are obese or have excess fat in the region might not see sufficient improvement. As the treatment targets and tones muscle, those without excess fat can see significant improvements. People who have been able to accomplish some good results in the gym, but wish to go beyond, love this technology. In contrast to exercise, which can’t isolate specific muscle groups, EmSculpt activates only the gluteal muscles allowing people to build and lift their buttocks without developing massive thigh muscles.


Everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin. At Alive Wellness Clinics, we strive to provide our clients with the latest, most effective treatments to help them feel their best. Our best-in-class technology and a team of experienced professionals provide customized treatment plans to our clients, allowing them to achieve their aesthetic goals in a welcoming and comfortable environment where you can feel at ease during your EmSculpt butt lift. Book a consultation now and get the backside of your dreams.

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