Flipping through old photographs and looking back at the memories of the past is quite an exhilarating experience. The gleeful happiness of our younger self, eyes that shone brighter than the stars, and our faces glowing with the hope and prospects of our future life. A lot of those things get lost on the way as we get old, and among all such things is the youthful vitality of our skin.

Growing old is a blessing that not everyone gets to experience. But that doesn’t mean we have to chew the hard pill of acceptance that comes with it and live with drooping, sagging skin for the rest of our lives. Making stark changes in our appearance can be quite intimidating, and committing to a cosmetic procedure like a Facelift can definitely heighten anxieties regarding the matter.

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If the prospect of cosmetic surgery causes pangs of anxiety in your belly, don’t worry! You don’t have to abandon your hopes for younger-looking skin as now there are many non-invasive procedures in the town that can deliver you desired results without leaving any scars and stitches. One such procedure is Ultherapy – a clinically proven, non-invasive alternative for those who are not ready for surgery.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy, also known Ulthera, is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to tighten the skin of the face and neck. It is an FDA-approved ultrasound therapy that gradually lifts the skin on your neck, chin, and brow, minimizing any fine lines and wrinkles. Using micro-focused ultrasound, this procedure treats the superficial layer of the skin at a much lower level of ultrasound energy that is used to treat tumors and other skin diseases.

How does Ultherapy work?

It uses micro-focused ultrasound to generate a thermal effect under the skin. This effect jump-starts your body’s process of creating fresh, new collagen. Collagen is a natural protein that keeps your skin firm and toned, contributing to a more youthful appearance. As we age, our body stops producing collagen, and the collagen in our body loses its strength. As the collagen in the skin gets weaker over time, it can’t withstand the effects of gravity and the skin starts to sag or pull downward.

This is where Ultherapy comes in and saves the day. Ultherapy device targets the collagen and elastin beneath the surface of the skin and delivers focused ultrasound energy up to 5 mm deep to briefly heat the tissues. The heat then starts to gradually repair the skin by strengthening the existing collagen and stimulating the body to produce new collagen.

Benefits of Ultherapy

  1. It uses the body’s own healing response.

Rather than fighting our body and its natural course, why not use it to our advantage and still get the results that we want? Ultherapy does just that! Instead of going against the grain of nature, it simply manipulates it by stimulating the natural production of collagen in the body. This produces a tightened and lifted effect on the skin, making it regain its youthful appearance.

  1. The results are natural.

Since Ultherapy affects and stimulates the natural collagen production of the body, its effects gradually start showing up within the first month after completion. This means that it will not be broadcast to the world that you just got a skin treatment done. In fact, the final outcomes are usually visible within 3-6 months after treatment, providing a more natural-looking outcome.

  1. It’s FDA-approved

While looking for effective solutions to aging skin, safety becomes a pressing concern and priority. No one wants to put anything near their face that can pose any potential risks and for good reason! Ultherapy has the distinction of being the only treatment that has a nod from the FDA and Health Canada for non-invasive lifting of the eyebrow, beneath the chin, and the neck. It is also approved to improve wrinkles and fine lines on the décolletage. That means no frown and worry lines during or after your treatment.

  1. It delivers long-lasting results

A quick treatment with lasting results may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what Ulthera treatment is known for. Immediately following the treatment, patients can begin to notice their skin gradually lifting and tightening over time. This will correlate to the timeline of new collagen replacing the old as multiple layers of skin get rejuvenated. In about 2-3 months, you can experience the best results of your treatment. Your skin may continue to improve for up to 6 months after treatment. However, some patients have claimed that results last even longer.

  1. There’s no downtime

One of the best benefits of Ultherapy is the fact that there’s absolutely no downtime! As it doesn’t include any incisions or injections, one can be done and out the door within 30-60 minutes. This makes it a perfect choice for our busy lives as one can fit this treatment into their day without messing up their work schedule. If you choose to get it done over weekends, you know you won’t have to sacrifice your off days being cooped up in the recovery room. As soon as you’re done, you can get back to your life without missing a beat.

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Aging is a perfectly normal part of our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with its effect for the rest of our lives. Sagging skin and fine lines can shoot down our confidence and comfort in our own skin. So why not take back your power from the tides of time and turn the clock back to beautiful, younger-looking skin?

Here at Alive Wellness Clinics, we recognize the value of customized solutions as well as the desire for timeless beauty. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to using cutting-edge procedures like this treatment to help you reach your cosmetic objectives. With Ultherapy’s transformational powers, say goodbye to drooping skin and welcome a more youthful, vibrant version of yourself.

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