Is Sun Damaged Skin Bothering You? We Have the Solution for That

When it comes to harsh Delhi summers, us Delhiites have mastered the art of blocking sun damage to our skin. Or have we?

You may think that your sunscreen is all the protection you need this summer, but that’s not enough. Besides, your skin is still recovering from the damage caused by all those years of neglect. Applying sunscreen a few times a day isn’t going to cut it fine.

Oh here’s another bummer! Sun damage isn’t only skin-deep. It can alter the DNA of your skin cells, causing fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration, and even cancer. But hey, here’s a ray of (UV-free) light: You can reverse the damage to your skin. You just gotta listen to an expert.

It’s time for the sun-protection boot camp!

Lighten Up

Don’t think you need a laser to do something about those budding brown spots? Think again. Our non-abrasive Medlite C6 De-Tan Therapy is perfect for fading those sun souvenirs, improving skin tone, and reducing pore size and wrinkles.

How does the magic work? The laser light has a photomechanical effect on skin pigmentation. In simpler words, high power combined with nanosecond pulse width is used to reach deeper into the skin and break down the pigments into minute particles. Once the particles are minute enough, they can be flushed out on its own via the body’s lymphatic system. And since lasers can penetrate deeper into the skin, they are much more effective when it comes to fading sun tans and reviving sun damaged skin.


Quench Your Complexion

All those weekends at the beach house were so much fun, right? But were they great for your skin? Probably not. Those sunburns, dark spots, and, ‘wrinkled like a raisin’ look are basically telling tales of your summer diaries and adventures.

But we have just the fix for your skin’s lost moisture – our Ultra Calming Ion Active Facial with Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid packs a ton of skin-boosting benefits, including mega moisture! It is produced naturally during our younger years and keeps the skin looking hydrated and plump. But with age, the production of hyaluronic acid reduces drastically, which explains why we get wrinkles, dry skin, and fine lines. It also helps soothe and heal inflamed skin which makes it an ideal pick for sun damaged skin. Enriched with antioxidants, this therapy not only hydrates your skin from within but also diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and reverses the signs of sun damage.


Look On The Bright Side

While avoiding a suntan is impossible in Delhi’s hot summers, removing one isn’t! Thanks to our Circulation Oxygen Therapy, getting rid of suntans and dark spots are no more a task. Oxygen, an anaerobic and a natural bactericide can help heal inflammation and increase oxygenation in skin.

During the therapy, pure oxygen infused with anti ageing serum containing skin restructuring complex is introduced into your skin via an oxygen gun. Oxygen, on its own, is unable to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. But if delivered in a pressurised form, the skin is able to absorb it better along with the active serums that help lighten complexion and heal sunburns. To add an extra dash of radiance to your skin, we combine the procedure with face circulation therapy that improves blood flow and aids lymphatic drainage, giving your skin that rosy flush.

Get Serious About C

We all know that Vitamin C is one of the most effective ways to counter discolouration, but like all other antioxidants, Vitamin C is ultra-vulnerable to sunlight and heat. Enter Lightening Electroporation Therapy. This treatment makes fine lines look less pronounced. It fights sun damage – both present and future – and protects your skin from environmental aggressors.

This therapy harnesses the power of Vitamin C and enhances collagen production to fight free radical damage and reduce the signs of sun damage. This treatment is your gateway into the world of vitamin C, which can keep you look fresh and radiant, no matter how hot or miserable the summers get.

Clear The Decks

Dead skin cells accompanied with sun damage are like a gaggle of chatty ‘friends’. They prevent dutiful skin-care agents, including the ones that reduce UV-induced skin damage, from doing their jobs. The best way to get rid of them? Before you say, exfoliate, we’ve something even better: Diamond Skin Polishing.

Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s how it works. The outermost layer of your skin is removed using soft diamonds fixed on the tips of the machine. This machine is called a microdermabrasion machine and uses high velocity and refined crystals to exfoliate dead skin cells. This  stimulates the production of new cells to renew the surface layer, revealing a fresh, radiant complexion along with improved texture.

Last but not the least, keep a good sunscreen handy. Playing fast and loose with sunscreen never helps, and recommitting to SPF might be a smart move. But, make sure you’re doing it right! Pro tips: reapply sunscreen after every two hours (try a powder version for work or a spray if you’re outside a lot), and never underestimate the power of a cool pair of shades and a brimmed hat for added protection.

And don’t forget, even though that sweet, sweet vitamin D does wonders for your skin, hair, and body, an excess of everything is bad! Don’t force the sun to reveal its sinister side, ladies!

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