Pampering is in order, even if it’s for the weekend!

Who doesn’t love a good weekend pampering? I mean, of course, you’d rather go on a weeklong vacay, sip on those delicious margaritas and soak in the sun, but you can’t be packing your bags and jet-setting to an exotic location 4 times a month, right? And while it’s easy to stick to the usuals like dinner with friends, watching a movie, going for a hike or binge-watching on Game of Throne reruns, it’s equally essential to pay some attention to your skin.  And no, we aren’t talking about the weekend mani-pedi or that 30 min glow-guaranteeing facial!

Instead, indulge in these dermatologically approved skincare treatments that not only lend your skin that luminous glow, but also rejuvenate it from within. Brownie points? The effects of these treatments last longer than any movie, lunch or a trip.

Besides, there’s something refreshing and, may we add, romantic about spending a weekend together while indulging in relaxing therapies. ! And thanks to the rise of Insta trends like the #SundayFacial, the weekend pampering has gained quite the following and is amongst the hottest skincare trends right now! Wondering why? Well, if you were looking to give your skin that dose of vitality, a weekend full of pampering skin care therapies ought to do it!

Now for the big question! Who will be better suited for the job: a dermatologist or an aesthetician? For some people, getting a quick facial at your next-door spa may seem like an innocent splurge. But what they fail to consider is that mistakes made by an inexperienced or poorly trained skin care practitioner can damage, or worse, scar your skin.

Beauty salons are great for getting a quick mani-pedi or a head massage or a facial if you are looking for that surface glow that lasts for a whole lot of 3 hours. Such facials usually involve cleansers, masks and gels, which only work on the surface layer of your skin, i.e. epidermis.

An aesthetic skin care clinic, on the other hand, focuses on offering treatments that deliver results that are skin deep. Each treatment is recommended according to your skin type. Backed by science and technology, these dermatological treatments involve a combination of masks, enzyme peels, and acid treatments to remove dead-skin buildup, which results in dewy, megawatt glow-y skin.

For instance, Skin Alive’s Oxygen Therapy, Rejuvenation Lasers, MedliteC-6 Lasers and Ionactive Therapies are perfect for the times when your skin is dry and lacks lustre and those regular facials don’t seem to be cutting it anymore. So, the next time you need to dial up the intensity of your skincare routine, you know where to go.

Another benefit? Trained therapists and dermatologists are more equipped and medically qualified to tackle your skincare woes.  And aesthetic skin care centers offer a far more comprehensive range of treatments that can be customized according to various skin types. Whereas at a beauty salon, a more standardized approach is followed instead of offering personalized treatments.

Oh and if you’re about to enlighten us about how you only visit a dermatologist when a nasty skin condition/problem makes an appearance, stop right there. Contrary to popular belief, a dermatologist is more than just a ‘Pimple Popper’ and visiting one does not always mean trouble. In fact, a treatment recommended by your dermatologist will give lasting results, since it will be customised according to your skin type. These treatments will leave your skin feeling young, radiant and refreshed.

And if you’re about to object to all the planning before the treatments and the downtime afterwards? Well, you can skip it. Because we already took care of it. At Skin Alive, we have come up with a range of luxurious ‘Happy Come Happy Go’ therapies that require no planning, preparation, or downtime.

These therapies not only rejuvenate/re-balance your skin but also relax your mind, leaving you and your partner in a state of bliss. It’s a heavenly experience for one, but to double your pleasure, be sure to book the couples’ package.

So, here’s to starting the next week on a glowing note. Give us a call and let us pamper you with our rejuvenating treatments that will have you feeling relaxed and revived in no time.

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