Now that you’ve had liposuction surgery, it’s time to start down the road to liposuction recovery. It is well-known that proper aftercare following liposuction surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. After every operation, the body requires adequate time to recuperate. Excess weight and fat are removed from the body during liposuction surgery. Thus, the body begins to learn to live without that excess fat throughout liposuction recovery. Everyone has a different body, so liposuction recovery time is also different for different individuals. It is critical to have a proper and individualized recovery plan in place to ensure that you recover rapidly.

The professionals at Alive Wellness have created a list of recovery suggestions to assist you in getting through your liposuction recovery phase as smoothly as possible. Learn more about the recovery process in the sections below.

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    1. Maintain Hygiene to Prevent the Risk of Infection
    2. Consume Proper Nutrients by Including Vitamins & Antioxidants
    3. Make Use of Right Compression Garments as Directed
    4. Take Lymphatic Massage to Ease Discomfort & Pain
    5. Wear Light Clothes by Allowing the Skin to Breathe 
    6. Avoid Soaking in Bathtub as it Slows the Healing Process
    7. Follow Post-op Instructions to Avoid Scars


  • Maintain Hygiene to Prevent the Risk of Infection

When it comes to liposuction surgery recovery, hygiene is one of the most crucial things. Right after the surgery, the surgical site is always vulnerable to infection. In case of poor hygiene, the body becomes more susceptible to bacterial infections, which might aggravate your overall recovery. Any infection in the surgical wound can produce pus, redness, and discomfort, as well as other consequences. It is critical to shower every day after liposuction surgery and clean the surgical area. It is essential to clean, dress, and treat the wound properly to minimize infections and scarring. Surgeons also prescribe antibiotics following the surgery to prevent infections.

  • Consume Proper Nutrients by Including Vitamins & Antioxidants

The body needs adequate rest and nutrients to recuperate from Vaser liposuction surgery. A nutrition diet will guarantee that you get enough vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to help you recover faster.

  • A good and well-balanced diet ensures that no additional weight is gained following liposuction surgery.
  • It is advised that you increase your fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains intake. Avoid consuming an excessive amount of sweet stuff, carbs, and fats. 
  • It is critical not to overeat in one sitting and spread out your meals throughout the day. Many people suffer from weight gain following liposuction belly surgery due to poor eating habits. 
  • Make sure to eat well so that you may reap the benefits of your liposuction surgery for an extended period.
  • Also, it is essential to refrain from smoking cigarettes and alcohol after the surgery.
  • Make Use of Compression Garments as Directed

After tummy liposuction surgery, the body is recovering, and it needs assistance. A compression garment is an essential item of clothing to wear following liposuction surgery. These garments are often advised to assist the body’s quick recovery and comfort during the healing process. Compression garments aid in the reduction of general swelling. Bruising, which is common after the surgery, can be reduced by wearing a regular compression garment at the surgical site.

The compression garment can also help with body contouring after liposuction surgery.

  • Take Lymphatic Massage to Ease Discomfort & Pain

Lymphatic massage (or manual lymphatic drainage massage) is a prevalent technique that plastic surgeons suggest to all patients following liposuction surgery. Swelling is pretty typical after liposuction surgery since there might be a lot of fluid collection. The professional generally performs soft strokes during the lymphatic massage. It helps in the evacuation of fluid present in the lymphatic system. The massage helps in the overall decrease of swelling following stomach liposuction.

Swelling can be painful and uncomfortable. Lymphatic massage also aids in the reduction of pain and suffering. There have been several cases where manual lymphatic drainage has proven beneficial in lowering the amount of scar tissue generated following surgery. It also helps in faster liposuction recovery.

  • Wear Light clothes by Allowing the Skin to Breathe

Clothing is highly crucial in the rehabilitation process. If you used to wear tight-fitting jeans or blouses, you might need to adjust your lifestyle following the operation. This is done to enable the skin to breathe after the surgery. Ensure you have the proper attire to wear after the procedure before going in for the surgery; purchase loose-fitting T-shirts and pajamas made of breathable cotton that does not strangle the body.

Loose-fitting garments also guarantee that the stitches are not harmed in any way, and they add to your comfort.

  • Avoid Soaking in Bathtub as it Slows Down the Healing Process

You must avoid soaking in baths or remaining in water for an extended period following your operation. Prolonged exposure to water increases the risk of infection at the surgical site.

Taking a quick shower daily to maintain daily cleanliness is healthy and advised.

However, avoid soaking in a long bath until you are entirely recovered. If you do not follow the necessary aftercare guidelines, your recovery may be hampered.

Also, stay away from public swimming pools for some time after the procedure.

So, save the long relaxing bath for later after you recover and focus your full attention on recovering rapidly.

  • Follow Post-op Instructions to Avoid Scars

Liposuction surgery may be a challenging operation since the body undergoes many changes. We understand that you invested a significant amount of time and money in your surgery, and you don’t want post-surgical scars. It is crucial to pay attention to your aftercare to achieve the best outcomes and avoid any future difficulties.

The doctor prescribes a personalized list of post-operative instructions to patients, based on their specific needs. Take all essential precautions and follow all of your cosmetic surgeon’s directions. You can enjoy the benefits of liposuction surgery for a long time and avoid any future scars and issues.


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