In a perfect world, we’d wake up every morning, give our luscious locks a little brush and toss and get to work without a single care in the world. However, since we all live in the real world, we find ourselves turning to home remedies for hair fall, bothering Google for oily hair cures, and squeezing an endless number of lemons to fix dandruff problems.

But don’t lose heart. This world may be less than perfect, but it’s also the one that has our Alive wellness clinics in it. And sitting in those clinics are our dermatologists and  hair experts who’ve got some valuable tips for you.


Oily Much?   

A lot of us have hair that look like we’ve endured a two-day sweat session when all we really did was sit at our desks. All Day Long. But the experts have a solution for you.

Altering your hair-care routine can do a lot to restrain those over-excited oil glands. So, apart from ridding your vanity of any oil-laden hair products, clean your hairbrushes, change your bed linens and wash your hair more often. For an instant fix use dry shampoo on your scalp and then do some vigorous finger shaking to rake away the excess product. Et voila! Hair as fresh as the first wash.


Combat Hair Fall

Hair fall is a pretty common problem, so you shouldn’t panic if you notice a few strands of hair on your hairbrush. According to experts, hair fall under 100 strands a day is normal, but anything above 500 requires a visit to the dermatologist.

To combat hair fall, try time-tested tricks like swapping your regular shampoo with a mild cleanser, indulging in a weekly hot oil massage for deep conditioning, or investing in a good hair mask or a conditioner for soft, hydrated hair.

Avoid hairstyles that require you to use tight elastic bands or bobby pins. Instead, choose an effortless messy chignon or naturally tousled beach waves. Lastly, stop stressing. Crying over losing every single strand is just going to make matters worse.


Go Damage-Free

Constant use of heat, chemicals, coloring and let’s not forget, the humid weather have left your hair looking nothing less than a shall we say a bird’ s nest? It’s time we undo the damage.

Start by backing away from all your hot tools and embrace your natural hair instead. Next step, pamper your frayed hair with a rejuvenating, deep-conditioning hair mask. Hair masks are like the makeup primers of the tress town. Super essential but always overlooked.


Dandruff Be Gone

Dandruff isn’t just an annoying but also an embarrassing problem. It settles like a snowstorm on your hair and bans you from wearing black clothes ever again. Sometimes, it feels like you can’t do much about those persistent flakes, but hope is far from lost.

To begin with, wash your hair regularly. Don’t go a week without cleaning your scalp and opt for an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains keratolytic ingredients such as pyrithione zinc. These agents rid your scalp of the dead cells and wash away the flakes and grime.


Buh-Bye Limp, Lifeless Hair

Still asking your hairstylist to add in few more layers to your hairstyle to maintain the illusion of volume? Tired of perennially flat, limp and lackluster hair? Lucky for you, we are here to address the problem of fine hair. Opt for protein-rich shampoos to bulk up a thinning mane, choose a lightweight conditioner, give backcombing a shot, and avoid hair care products with alcohol. You will soon notice visible volume and bounce in your hair very soon.

The right hair treatment can be like an oxygen for your dying locks. And pampering your scalp with a little TLC can do wonders for your mane. Besides, isn’t luxurious, pampered tresses all the motivation you need to put some thought into your hair care routine? So stick to these smart hair woe fixers, and you will soon be enjoying beautiful hair in the future!

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