Imagine this : You’re sitting in your salon, excited about the new hairdo. After waiting for 30 minutes, you’re summoned by the stylist. Your heart is throbbing with eagerness to try the new haircut you saw in the latest lifestyle magazine; you’ve been thinking about it days now. And your stylist looks at your hair and dismisses the idea, saying “Gurl, Your hair’s too thin for this kind of style!”


Heartbreaking and embarrassing, right?

When you find a tuft of hair on your hairbrush or few strands on your clothes, you shrug it off like it’s not a big deal. You ignore all the signs, saying, “This happens to everyone” or “I have enough hair on my crown so, it’s okay”. But, somewhere in your heart, it evokes a feeling of terror, right?

According to numerous surveys conducted by the researchers, forty-seven percent of men and women start experiencing hair thinning in their late twenties. Worse, they don’t even talk about it; instead, they quietly spent thousands on products and spa treatments, many of which don’t even work. In some cases it might even worsen the case. And all the time they’re wondering, “Why Me?”


So, is there an answer to “WHY ME?”

Yes, there is, and the dermatologists and trichologists at Alive Wellness Clinics explain how it works. The life cycle of a hair strand involves a growth phase of about four to eight years. A brief transitional period as the hair is cut off from its blood supply is followed by at least a month-long resting phase. And finally, the old hair strand is pushed out by a new one.

For people who suffer from genetic hair loss, the growth phase is shorter and the new hair is finer. But your genes are just one of the many reasons for hair loss trauma. Follicles can be damaged by various factors like environmental problems, stress, nutritional deficiency, medical condition, or simply hair practices, like tying the hair too tight. To  figure out what kind of hair loss problem you are facing, is the key in knowing how to treat them.

Once you are familiar with the root cause of the problem, the solutions (along with results) aren’t far behind. If you suffer from nutritional deficiency, start eating a protein-rich diet. If extrinsic factors like harsh sun rays and  pollution are responsible for your loss, pull up your shields and cover your hair when you go out.

But you probably know all this, because general advise like this can be found everywhere – from the Internet to magazines to the advice doled out by relatives and neighbors. But when you’re losing hair by the chunks, you need something far more powerful and fare more effective.

That’s why Alive Wellness Clinics is bringing you Medicated Hair Treatments that provide your hair the deep nourishment and regeneration it requires. From regenerating plasma therapy and stem cell therapy to strengthening mesoporation and nourishing hair and scalp rituals, there’s plenty in our arsenal to treat a hair fall problem and restore volume and vitality to your hair.

Our treatments are the best possible solution to hair loss and involve minimal to non-invasive procedures. They have shown a promising success rate with forty percent growth in the hair density within 20 weeks of the last session. So, in just a matter of months, you could be free of your hair fall problem, and flaunt a crowning glory of thick, lustrous hair. Call us at 98188-44874 and get a handle on your hair fall problems.

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